Bernadette’s Workshop

Interview in Marin Living Magazine

What is it about you that makes you a great choice for clients?

Hand-painted porcelain refined homes in Europe and Asia for centuries. I trained as a painter in the renowned porcelain manufacture of Herend but settled in Marin for 25 years. I like to capture the magic of nature in my work. My pieces feature local plants and animals, They are designed to be understated but unique and detailed in ways that only handmade pieces are.

What sets your design approach apart?

Many people choose to live in Marin because they have fallen in love with its natural beauty. I live in Marin for this reason, and I try to capture this beauty on the pieces I make. Marin’s beauty is rarely grandiose, it is often small: ferns that furl just the right way or wildflowers that disappear in a few days. My porcelain pieces attempt to capture these fleeting moments of splendor.

What new products do you offer clients?

I offer porcelain plates, cups, saucers, vases, lamps, etc. that can be decorated according to the clients’ wishes adding a distinctive ingredient to any home. No two pieces are ever the same, you get something that is truly you. I invite you to come by the studio to watch me work.

Bernadette Szilvasy - Bernadette's Workshop
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